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Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two
acrylic on fir
sebastian 2005

The crosses in the painting on the wall keep the afterlife ever present no matter how festive the dinner.

Vintage Easter Story Cross

A watercolor angel flies towards 3 crosses on the hill in this Vintage Easter Story Cross. Vintage cards and labels are taped to all my walls, providing artistic and spiritual inspiration. This is one I found in high school.

This Free Vintage Angel Easter Cross Greeting Card Clipart is available at Cross of the Day here.

Looking for real Vintage Cards? Head to Etsy and start here.

Vintage Dogwood Easter Cross Card

Another of the wonderful handpainted vintage Easter cards that bring back memories of gentler days. This one comes from an antique German embossed Easter card.

Looking for real Vintage Easter Cross Cards? Head to Etsy and start here.