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Saint Fiacre’s Gardener’s Black Celtic Cross

Saint Fiacre’s Gardener’s Black Celtic Cross
Alexandra Grey 2010

This Black Celtic Gardener’s Cross sparkles with balanced glowing leafy elements. aint Fiacre’s Gardener’s Black Celtic Cross was created to honor Ireland’s Saint Fiacre.

Ireland’s Saint Fiacre is the Patron Saint of Gardeners; taxi cab drivers; venereal disease sufferers; barrenness; box makers; florists; hemorrhoids; hosiers; pewterers; tile makers and ploughboys.

Born in Ireland in the 7th century, St. Fiacre was a monk turned hermit who became known for his healing herbs, prayers and food. After fleeing Ireland in a desperate attempt to find solitary peace, St. Fiacre traveled to France with where he performed his first miracle.

Approaching the Bishop of Meaux for land with space build a guest house and chapel, St. Fiacre was given a small plot of land in Breuil, in the province of Brie where he established long-lived orchards and gardens. His festival is celebrated on the 30th of August. He is the Patron Saint of  Brie and gardeners invoke him as their protector against pests and crop failure.

Saint Fiacre is the Patron Saint of Gardeners and taxi cab drivers

Saint Fiacre’s Black Gardener’s Celtic Cross Clipart by Alexandra Grey is available at Cross of the Day Free Cross Clipart here.