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Red Celtic Cross

Red Celtic Cross
Alexandra Grey 2009

Our Free Red Celtic Square Cross is a simplified version of an eighth century square Celtic cross-decorated vertical grave stone in Fahan Mura, Co. Donegal.

In early Britain, suicides were buried at the crossroad under the crude cross that the two roads represented, adding to the air of the supernatural. Crossroads also symbolize the space “betwixt and between” where miracles can happen and mystical forces could be contacted just before dawn.

The four cross arms of the square Celtic cross represent the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. The center shows the 4 elements meeting at a crossroads.

This cross-decorated vertical grave stone is in Fahan Mura, Co. Donegal. Our Free Red Celtic Square Cross is a simplified version of this eighth century square Celtic cross.

The Fahan Mura Cross rests in a quiet graveyard next alongside the road from Letterkenny to Buncarna.

This early 7th century cross-slab is 6 1/2 feet and demonstrates a close connection with Scotland, where the shape is more common. The intertwined hand carved knotwork is believed to represent the Tree of Life with its roots on the earth and its branches high in the air symbolized a connection between heaven and earth.

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